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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the French Weather Network


Temperature [ C° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ km/h ] Rain [ mm ] Barometer [ hPa ] Baro Trend

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Conditions data shown was collected from Tue, 19 Feb 2019 13:40:30 +0100 to Tue, 19 Feb 2019 14:30:35 +0100

Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend Last
Ain Buellas Offline
Ain EchallonPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy12.2 C-4.4 C31%1 kmh SSWSSW10.0 mm1021.3 hPaSteady14:29:26
Ain Pont d'Ain-14.0 C2.2 C45%3 kmh SSESSE0.0 mm1019.5 hPaFalling Slowly14:26:57
Ain Priay Offline
Aisne NogentelPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy10.4 C6.4 C76%3 kmh SSWSSW01.0 mm1022.7 hPaSteady14:29:36
Allier Lignerolles-14.1 C6.1 C60%0 kmh NWNW140.0 mm1023.3 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:03
Alpes-Maritimes La TurbieSunnySunny11.8 C5.9 C67%2 kmh ESEESE30.0 mm1024.9 hPaSteady14:30:01
Alpes-Maritimes Tourrette-Levens-11.4 C4.4 C62%5 kmh SSESSE180.0 mm1024.8 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:04
Ardche Bourg-Saint-Andol-13.0 C6.1 C63%4 kmh EE100.2 mm1022.9 hPaSteady14:30:04
Ardche Vallon-Pont-d'Arc Offline
Arige Lran-14.3 C8.0 C66%1 kmh NN20.0 mm1019.6 hPa--14:29:35
Aude Ferrals-les-Corbires-13.6 C7.8 C68%10 kmh EE190.0 mm1021.2 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:03
Aude LimouxCloudyCloudy15.3 C5.5 C52%0 kmh ENEENE140.0 mm1022.0 hPaRising Slowly14:29:30
Aude MontralPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy13.5 C7.3 C66%10 kmh SESE50.0 mm1020.7 hPaSteady14:29:37
Aude NarbonnePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy12.9 C8.0 C72%10 kmh EE130.0 mm1022.5 hPaSteady14:29:37
Aveyron L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac-7.2 C2.6 C73%16 kmh NNENNE180.0 mm1024.5 hPa--14:28:13
Aveyron Millau-12.9 C3.5 C53%6 kmh SSWSSW110.0 mm1021.9 hPa--14:28:24
Bas-Rhin Kogenheim-11.0 C5.7 C70%3 kmh WW130.0 mm1021.4 hPaSteady14:29:23
Bas-Rhin Offenheim-9.3 C6.2 C81%0 kmh NN00.0 mm1023.8 hPaSteady14:30:05
Bouches-du-Rhne Meyreuil-13.2 C5.0 C58%7 kmh SWSW160.0 mm1020.9 hPa--14:28:24
Calvados Merville-Franceville-Plage-10.6 C5.5 C71%0 kmh SSESSE0.2 mm1022.4 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:06
Cantal Saint-Constant-13.5 C5.6 C59%3 kmh SWSW60.0 mm1023.6 hPa--14:30:06
Charente-Maritime Saint-Mdard-d'Aunis-12.2 C9.2 C82%11 kmh SESE110.8 mm1022.5 hPaFalling Slowly14:29:12
Charente Chassors-13.7 C11.6 C87%9 kmh SS90.2 mm1001.0 hPaSteady14:29:29
Cher Thnioux-10.6 C8.2 C85%0 kmh NN00.0 mm1036.1 hPaSteady14:26:47
Corrze Sgur-le-Chteau-12.4 C7.1 C70%4 kmh NN110.0 mm1022.4 hPaSteady14:29:15
Cte-d'Or Is-sur-Tille Offline
Cte-d'Or Quetigny Offline
Cte-d'Or Savigny-ls-Beaune-13.2 C7.6 C69%6 kmh SESE100.2 mm1023.2 hPa--14:28:24
Ctes-d'Armor Paimpol-11.9 C5.3 C64%6 kmh SWSW140.4 mm1021.3 hPa--14:25:08
Ctes-d'Armor Pordic-11.2 C4.4 C63%8 kmh WSWWSW110.0 mm1021.7 hPaSteady14:21:16
Ctes-d'Armor Saint-Aaron Offline
Ctes-d'Armor Squiffiec-10.7 C4.8 C67%6 kmh SWSW60.2 mm1019.8 hPa--14:28:24
Deux-Svres Fressines-11.1 C7.7 C80%1 kmh NENE40.0 mm1016.1 hPa--14:28:23
Dordogne Jayac-14.1 C6.4 C60%7 kmh ESEESE110.0 mm1021.0 hPa--14:30:03
Dordogne Mussidan-13.3 C8.4 C72%10 kmh SSESSE160.0 mm1021.6 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:06
Dordogne Nontron-12.7 C6.7 C67%4 kmh SESE210.0 mm1021.4 hPa--14:25:47
Dordogne Saint Mdard de Mussidan-13.9 C8.7 C71%8 kmh SS140.0 mm1020.4 hPaFalling Slowly14:29:37
Essonne Bures-sur-YvettePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy8.1 C5.7 C85%3 kmh SSWSSW10.0 mm1022.6 hPaSteady14:25:36
Eure-et-Loir Bourth-9.6 C2.4 C61%0 kmh WW0.0 mm1020.8 hPa--14:28:13
Eure-et-Loir Maintenon-8.2 C5.9 C85%0 kmh SSWSSW60.0 mm1022.7 hPaFalling14:29:10
Eure-et-Loir Mainvilliers-7.9 C5.0 C82%10 kmh SS170.6 mm1023.1 hPaSteady14:29:41
Eure pgard-10.4 C8.0 C85%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1022.2 hPaSteady14:28:26
Finistre Daoulas-11.9 C6.8 C71%1 kmh WW10.3 mm1021.2 hPaSteady14:30:04
Finistre Plouguerneau-11.4 C5.9 C69%11 kmh SWSW190.0 mm1020.4 hPaFalling Slowly14:27:17
Gard Als-12.8 C6.1 C64%8 kmh SESE80.0 mm1022.1 hPa--14:30:04
Gard Nmes-12.3 C5.7 C64%3 kmh WW50.0 mm1023.8 hPaSteady14:30:03
Gironde Canjan Offline
Gironde Latresne Offline
Haut-Rhin Colmar-11.7 C5.8 C67%6 kmh NENE80.0 mm1022.6 hPaSteady14:25:41
Haut-Rhin Husseren-WesserlingSunnySunny11.6 C3.8 C59%2 kmh NNWNNW20.0 mm1021.0 hPaSteady14:30:11
Haut-Rhin Landser-13.4 C6.3 C62%11 kmh SSWSSW140.0 mm1022.2 hPa--14:30:11
Haute-Garonne Bois-de-la-Pierre-10.3 C7.0 C80%1 kmh SESE50.0 mm1022.5 hPa--14:30:15
Haute-Garonne Bourg-Saint-Bernard-14.2 C8.0 C64%5 kmh SSWSSW90.0 mm1024.0 hPa--14:27:17
Haute-Garonne Fontenilles Offline
Haute-Garonne Frouzins-13.2 C8.3 C71%0 kmh WSWWSW60.0 mm1022.2 hPa--14:30:04
Haute-Garonne Revel Offline
Haute-Loire Saint-Haon-8.2 C2.8 C69%13 kmh NNENNE190.0 mm1022.8 hPaFalling Slowly14:06:15
Haute-Savoie SciezSunnySunny10.3 C3.5 C63%3 kmh NENE60.0 mm1022.6 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:14
Haute-Vienne Limoges-13.5 C7.9 C69%3 kmh WNWWNW60.0 mm1021.9 hPaFalling Slowly13:40:30
Hautes-Alpes Saint-Vran-7.2 C-11.6 C25%6 kmh ESEESE110.0 mm1020.7 hPaFalling Slowly14:21:08
Hautes-Alpes Serre Chevalier-8.2 C-12.8 C21%8 kmh SSWSSW140.0 mm1020.9 hPaFalling Slowly14:26:06
Hauts-de-Seine ClamartOvercastOvercast9.8 C6.0 C77%0 kmh ESEESE80.0 mm1021.5 hPaSteady14:30:13
Hrault Bziers-12.3 C7.4 C72%0 kmh 0.0 mm1023.9 hPa--14:30:13
Hrault Creissan Offline
Hrault Servian-13.1 C7.1 C67%3 kmh SSESSE50.0 mm1022.7 hPa--14:30:15
Hrault Srignan-1812.5 C8.4 C76%10 kmh EE0.0 mm1023.1 hPaSteady14:26:38
Ille-et-Vilaine ChavagneRainRain8.2 C8.2 C100%0 kmh WSWWSW00.0 mm1021.7 hPaSteady14:29:59
Ille-et-Vilaine Laill-7.9 C7.1 C95%0 kmh SS50.0 mm1021.8 hPa--14:25:38
Indre-et-Loire Ambillou-11.9 C8.2 C78%0 kmh SS50.3 mm1021.6 hPa--14:30:08
Indre-et-Loire Monnaie-15.6 C10.0 C67%5 kmh NN70.0 mm1023.0 hPa--14:29:58
Isre Beaurepaire-12.8 C6.2 C64%2 kmh WSWWSW40.0 mm1013.1 hPa--14:30:12
Isre Morestel Offline
Isre Saint-AppolinardSunnySunny10.8 C4.0 C63%0 kmh WW00.0 mm1022.3 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:18
Isre Veyrins-Thuellin-14.0 C4.2 C52%4 kmh SSESSE40.0 mm1024.5 hPa--14:25:23
Jura Arbois-12.6 C6.1 C65%4 kmh NNENNE100.0 mm1020.9 hPa--14:30:15
Landes Grenade-sur-l'Adour-11.5 C8.7 C83%1 kmh NWNW20.0 mm1014.1 hPa--14:30:15
Landes Souprosse-12.3 C8.6 C78%0 kmh SSWSSW0.0 mm1021.9 hPa--14:30:04
Landes Vieux-Boucau-13.5 C8.5 C72%5 kmh NN100.0 mm1019.0 hPaSteady14:30:14
Loire-Atlantique Suc-sur-Erdre Offline
Loire Estivareilles-8.0 C1.8 C65%9 kmh NENE190.0 mm1024.9 hPa--14:28:52
Loire Saint-Chamond-13.8 C3.6 C50%0 kmh NWNW30.0 mm1019.6 hPaSteady14:30:18
Loiret Bellegarde-11.8 C6.5 C70%3 kmh SSWSSW110.2 mm1022.3 hPaFalling Slowly14:23:36
Loiret Courtenay-11.0 C5.1 C67%0 kmh NN00.0 mm1019.8 hPaSteady14:29:37
Lot Baladou-13.9 C6.5 C61%5 kmh SSWSSW130.0 mm1021.5 hPa--14:28:16
Manche Meautis-11.5 C5.5 C67%17 kmh SWSW240.0 mm1022.0 hPaFalling Slowly14:25:44
Marne Mairy-Sur-Marne-9.9 C6.1 C77%13 kmh WSWWSW190.5 mm1023.2 hPaSteady14:30:07
Meurthe-et-Moselle Conflans-en-Jarnisy-10.2 C5.4 C72%5 kmh WSWWSW110.2 mm1022.1 hPaSteady13:59:41
Meurthe-et-Moselle Heillecourt-10.3 C5.7 C73%0 kmh EE0.0 mm1021.3 hPaFalling Slowly14:29:25
Meurthe-et-Moselle Jarny Offline
Meurthe-et-Moselle Toul-9.4 C5.2 C75%5 kmh NN50.0 mm1021.8 hPaSteady14:30:22
Meuse Bar-le-DucPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy9.4 C5.9 C79%1 kmh WSWWSW50.4 mm1022.6 hPaSteady14:29:01
Morbihan Saint-Armel-8.1 C6.9 C92%4 kmh SSESSE100.0 mm1023.0 hPaSteady14:30:07
Moselle Ennery-10.1 C4.0 C66%10 kmh SS0.0 mm1022.7 hPa--14:30:02
Moselle Kerbach-9.0 C3.1 C67%0 kmh WNWWNW40.0 mm1023.6 hPa--14:30:03
Moselle Orny Offline
Moselle Rezonville-8.7 C5.3 C79%8 kmh WSWWSW160.4 mm1022.2 hPa--14:25:31
Nord Bergues-10.3 C5.0 C71%10 kmh WNWWNW290.0 mm1020.0 hPaSteady14:30:06
Nord Hestrud-10.8 C4.9 C67%13 kmh WNWWNW0.0 mm1021.0 hPaSteady14:29:16
Nord Mouvaux-11.5 C7.0 C74%4 kmh SSWSSW110.1 mm1018.3 hPaRising14:26:37
Oise Clermont-11.4 C4.5 C63%4 kmh SS80.0 mm1021.8 hPa--14:30:15
Oise Muirancourt-11.4 C5.6 C68%0 kmh WSWWSW0.4 mm1022.3 hPa--14:30:27
Pas-de-Calais Achiet-le-Grand-11.7 C5.3 C65%5 kmh SSWSSW110.0 mm1021.0 hPaSteady14:30:06
Pas-de-Calais Biache-Saint-Vaast Offline
Pas-de-Calais Croisette-10.4 C6.0 C74%6 kmh WNWWNW130.0 mm1021.1 hPaSteady14:25:00
Pas-de-Calais Saint-Michel-sur-Ternoise-11.1 C4.9 C66%8 kmh WNWWNW140.0 mm1020.6 hPaSteady14:28:30
Pyrnes-Atlantiques Orthez-13.7 C7.4 C66%5 kmh NWNW90.0 mm1019.2 hPa--14:30:06
Pyrnes-Orientales Latour-de-Carol-13.4 C-5.7 C26%1 kmh ENEENE40.0 mm1020.2 hPa--14:30:07
Rhne Fleurie Offline
Sarthe Le Lude Offline
Savoie La Chambre-15.2 C-9.7 C17%17 kmh WW260.0 mm1017.0 hPa--14:30:06
Savoie Les Dserts-7.7 C1.6 C65%3 kmh ESEESE60.0 mm1026.2 hPa--14:30:11
Seine-et-Marne Lagny-sur-MarneSunnySunny11.4 C5.7 C68%4 kmh WSWWSW00.0 mm1021.3 hPaSteady14:30:32
Somme Fort-Mahon-Plage-7.1 C6.2 C94%22 kmh NN260.2 mm1020.9 hPaSteady14:30:31
Somme Villers-Bretonneux-10.8 C4.6 C66%9 kmh SSWSSW110.0 mm1023.0 hPa--14:30:26
Tarn-et-Garonne Lafranaise Offline
Tarn Carmaux Offline
Tarn Lagarrigue-15.7 C6.7 C56%10 kmh SS310.0 mm1021.3 hPaFalling Slowly14:30:06
Var Callas-11.8 C4.5 C61%1 kmh SSESSE40.0 mm1021.6 hPa--14:30:09
Var Ollioules-14.1 C5.7 C57%3 kmh SS130.0 mm1023.7 hPaSteady14:29:21
Var Roquebrune-sur-Argens-14.1 C5.5 C56%1 kmh WNWWNW50.0 mm1014.9 hPa--14:30:21
Vaucluse Orange Offline
Vende Aizenay-12.5 C0.0 C0%1 kmh SS60.2 mm1021.8 hPaFalling Slowly14:26:12
Vende Fontenay-le-ComteCloudyCloudy11.6 C5.0 C64%7 kmh SESE111.0 mm1022.1 hPaSteady14:30:35
Yonne Villecien-11.4 C6.1 C70%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1013.8 hPa--14:30:07
Yvelines Saint-Rmy-l'Honor-9.5 C6.2 C80%10 kmh SSWSSW130.0 mm1018.2 hPa--14:30:08

Member stations of the French Weather Network

Member stations of the French Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the French Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Map data from Affiliated Regional Networks . Original scripts from Saratoga-Weather.org . Adapted for the Leuven-Template.  (version 3.22)

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