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Current weather conditions obtained from the member stations of the French Weather Network


Temperature [ C° ] Humidity [ % ] Wind [ km/h ] Rain [ mm ] Barometer [ hPa ] Baro Trend

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Conditions data shown was collected from Mon, 23 Sep 2019 01:58:03 +0200 to Mon, 23 Sep 2019 02:42:22 +0200

Current weather conditions at the weather stations

Note: Click on the table column title to change the order of that column's values.

Country Station   Current Condition Temp. Dew Point Humid Wind Gust Rain Pressure Trend Last
Ain Buellas-14.1 C10.5 C79%6 kmh SWSW90.0 mm1019.4 hPa--2:40:04
Ain EchallonPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy10.3 C6.6 C78%0 kmh -00.0 mm1014.3 hPaSteady2:40:13
Ain Pont d'Ain-13.8 C12.8 C94%0 kmh NENE0.2 mm1014.4 hPaRising Slowly2:37:35
Ain Priay Offline
Aisne NogentelPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy15.1 C13.6 C91%5 kmh SWSW10.0 mm1013.1 hPaSteady2:41:45
Allier Lignerolles-12.1 C11.1 C95%6 kmh SWSW160.0 mm1018.1 hPaRising Slowly2:42:02
Alpes-Maritimes La TurbieRainRain16.6 C15.9 C96%0 kmh NN02.8 mm1015.2 hPaSteady2:42:02
Alpes-Maritimes Tourrette-Levens-17.1 C16.1 C93%0 kmh WNWWNW62.8 mm1015.4 hPaSteady2:42:02
Ardche Bourg-Saint-Andol-15.2 C13.2 C88%9 kmh NWNW220.0 mm1016.1 hPaSteady2:42:03
Ardche Vallon-Pont-d'Arc Offline
Arige Lran-14.3 C13.3 C94%0 kmh SS0.4 mm1020.9 hPa--2:37:15
Aude Ferrals-les-Corbires-17.2 C13.5 C79%10 kmh WW220.0 mm1016.7 hPaRising Slowly2:40:30
Aude Limoux-15.1 C14.0 C93%0 kmh NN00.0 mm1018.0 hPaSteady2:41:30
Aude MontralPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy15.3 C13.5 C89%0 kmh WW00.0 mm1017.3 hPaSteady2:41:37
Aude Narbonne-16.4 C13.7 C84%14 kmh NN160.0 mm1017.3 hPaSteady2:41:37
Aveyron L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac-10.7 C10.1 C96%11 kmh NNENNE130.0 mm1019.2 hPa--2:40:13
Aveyron Millau Offline
Bas-Rhin Kogenheim-14.6 C13.0 C90%11 kmh NENE218.2 mm1014.1 hPaRising Slowly2:40:10
Bas-Rhin Offenheim-15.0 C13.2 C89%0 kmh WSWWSW22.4 mm1015.9 hPaRising Slowly2:42:04
Bouches-du-Rhne Meyreuil Offline
Calvados Merville-Franceville-Plage-14.7 C13.4 C92%11 kmh WW180.2 mm1012.3 hPaRising Rapidly2:42:04
Cantal Saint-Constant-13.1 C12.8 C97%0 kmh WSWWSW20.0 mm1018.8 hPa--1:58:03
Charente-Maritime Saint-Mdard-d'AunisRainRain12.6 C11.9 C96%2 kmh SSWSSW20.2 mm1016.7 hPaRising Slowly2:41:14
Charente Chassors Offline
Cher Thnioux Offline
Corrze Sgur-le-Chteau-12.4 C11.8 C96%0 kmh NN00.0 mm1018.4 hPaSteady2:38:59
Cte-d'Or Is-sur-Tille Offline
Cte-d'Or Quetigny Offline
Cte-d'Or Savigny-ls-Beaune-13.3 C12.2 C93%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1016.3 hPa--2:40:23
Ctes-d'Armor Paimpol-13.0 C12.1 C94%3 kmh WSWWSW60.2 mm1012.0 hPa--2:40:10
Ctes-d'Armor Pordic-13.6 C12.1 C91%7 kmh WSWWSW130.0 mm1012.4 hPaSteady2:37:25
Ctes-d'Armor Saint-Aaron Offline
Ctes-d'Armor Squiffiec-13.2 C11.9 C92%5 kmh SSWSSW60.0 mm1010.5 hPa--2:40:23
Deux-Svres Fressines-12.9 C11.3 C90%0 kmh SS0.0 mm1010.7 hPa--2:40:23
Dordogne Jayac-11.7 C11.1 C96%0 kmh SESE0.0 mm1017.3 hPa--2:42:02
Dordogne Mussidan-11.2 C9.8 C91%0 kmh SSWSSW0.2 mm1017.9 hPaSteady2:40:06
Dordogne Nontron-13.1 C11.0 C87%2 kmh SSWSSW130.2 mm1017.1 hPa--2:36:45
Dordogne Saint Mdard de Mussidan-10.6 C9.0 C90%0 kmh SSESSE00.0 mm1016.7 hPaSteady2:41:53
Essonne Bures-sur-YvettePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy13.2 C11.8 C91%3 kmh WNWWNW00.0 mm1012.3 hPaSteady2:35:36
Eure-et-Loir Bourth Offline
Eure-et-Loir Maintenon Offline
Eure-et-Loir Mainvilliers Offline
Eure pgard Offline
Finistre DaoulasRainRain13.9 C3.9 C51%0 kmh SSWSSW00.3 mm1012.6 hPaSteady2:42:06
Finistre Plouguerneau-14.4 C13.4 C94%6 kmh SWSW130.0 mm1011.3 hPaSteady2:41:27
Gard Als-15.2 C14.1 C93%0 kmh NWNW0.0 mm1015.7 hPa--2:42:02
Gard Nmes-16.6 C14.2 C86%3 kmh NENE50.0 mm1017.3 hPaSteady2:41:52
Gironde Canjan Offline
Gironde Latresne Offline
Haut-Rhin Colmar Offline
Haut-Rhin Husseren-WesserlingRainRain12.9 C10.7 C86%8 kmh SWSW131.8 mm1013.8 hPaRising Slowly2:42:04
Haut-Rhin Landser-13.6 C12.8 C95%11 kmh SSWSSW135.6 mm1015.1 hPa--2:42:06
Haute-Garonne Bois-de-la-Pierre-12.7 C11.3 C91%0 kmh 0.0 mm1018.6 hPa--2:40:12
Haute-Garonne Bourg-Saint-Bernard-13.9 C13.0 C92%5 kmh SWSW60.0 mm1020.0 hPa--2:41:22
Haute-Garonne Fontenilles Offline
Haute-Garonne Frouzins-12.2 C11.7 C97%0 kmh WW0.0 mm1018.2 hPa--2:42:02
Haute-Garonne Revel Offline
Haute-Loire Saint-Haon-7.9 C7.1 C95%0 kmh NWNW0.0 mm1016.4 hPaSteady2:36:25
Haute-Savoie Sciez Offline
Haute-Vienne Limoges-12.5 C12.2 C98%0 kmh SSESSE0.2 mm1017.3 hPaRising Slowly2:30:22
Hautes-Alpes Saint-Vran-7.9 C6.7 C92%0 kmh SESE7.8 mm1011.0 hPaSteady2:40:24
Hautes-Alpes Serre Chevalier-8.8 C8.2 C96%0 kmh 0.8 mm1013.1 hPaSteady2:40:58
Hauts-de-Seine ClamartOvercastOvercast14.3 C12.2 C87%1 kmh SWSW00.0 mm1011.6 hPaSteady2:41:18
Hrault Bziers-16.6 C14.0 C85%0 kmh 0.0 mm1018.1 hPa--2:38:52
Hrault Creissan Offline
Hrault Servian Offline
Hrault Srignan-3815.8 C14.2 C90%6 kmh WNWWNW0.0 mm1017.9 hPaSteady2:39:43
Ille-et-Vilaine ChavagneOvercastOvercast14.3 C13.2 C93%0 kmh WW00.0 mm1013.3 hPaSteady2:42:10
Ille-et-Vilaine Laill-12.7 C11.6 C93%0 kmh WW0.0 mm1013.1 hPa--2:40:38
Indre-et-Loire Ambillou-14.8 C12.3 C85%3 kmh WSWWSW130.0 mm1013.2 hPa--2:42:05
Indre-et-Loire Monnaie-14.4 C14.0 C98%9 kmh WSWWSW180.0 mm1017.0 hPa--2:40:12
Isre Beaurepaire-13.8 C13.2 C96%0 kmh ENEENE0.0 mm1008.7 hPa--2:42:06
Isre Morestel Offline
Isre Saint-Appolinard-12.6 C11.6 C94%4 kmh ENEENE50.4 mm1016.1 hPaSteady2:42:11
Isre Veyrins-Thuellin Offline
Jura Arbois-13.6 C11.6 C88%5 kmh ESEESE130.4 mm1015.0 hPa--2:40:13
Landes Grenade-sur-l'Adour-12.1 C11.8 C98%0 kmh EE0.0 mm1010.7 hPa--2:40:13
Landes Souprosse-13.4 C12.8 C96%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1017.8 hPa--2:42:02
Landes Vieux-Boucau-12.4 C10.1 C86%0 kmh WNWWNW00.0 mm1016.0 hPaSteady2:42:12
Loire-Atlantique Suc-sur-Erdre Offline
Loire Estivareilles Offline
Loire Saint-Chamond-13.6 C12.3 C92%0 kmh NWNW00.0 mm1016.5 hPaSteady2:42:08
Loiret Bellegarde-13.5 C11.7 C89%2 kmh WSWWSW100.0 mm1013.7 hPaRising Slowly2:33:27
Loiret Courtenay Offline
Lot Baladou-11.7 C10.4 C92%0 kmh SESE20.0 mm1018.0 hPaSteady2:38:18
Manche Meautis-14.1 C13.8 C98%9 kmh SWSW160.0 mm1012.0 hPaRising Rapidly2:35:00
Marne Mairy-Sur-Marne-14.2 C13.3 C94%2 kmh SWSW110.0 mm1013.4 hPaRising Slowly2:42:03
Meurthe-et-Moselle Conflans-en-Jarnisy Offline
Meurthe-et-Moselle Heillecourt-14.3 C13.5 C95%0 kmh SSWSSW2.2 mm1013.1 hPaRising Slowly2:41:17
Meurthe-et-Moselle Jarny Offline
Meurthe-et-Moselle Toul-14.0 C13.4 C96%2 kmh SS21.6 mm1013.7 hPaSteady2:42:13
Meuse Bar-le-DucPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy14.6 C13.6 C94%3 kmh SS30.0 mm1013.4 hPaSteady2:41:01
Morbihan Saint-Armel-15.1 C13.8 C92%2 kmh NN80.0 mm1013.0 hPaSteady2:41:39
Moselle Ennery-14.3 C13.6 C95%3 kmh SSESSE0.0 mm1015.1 hPa--2:39:48
Moselle Kerbach Offline
Moselle Orny Offline
Moselle Rezonville-14.1 C13.1 C94%0 kmh WSWWSW3.0 mm1013.1 hPa--2:40:28
Nord Bergues-15.0 C14.4 C95%6 kmh WSWWSW140.0 mm1009.3 hPaRising Slowly2:42:03
Nord Hestrud-14.7 C14.2 C97%6 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1011.1 hPaRising Slowly2:41:20
Nord Mouvaux-16.7 C14.7 C88%3 kmh SWSW60.1 mm1008.4 hPaRising2:38:59
Oise Clermont-13.9 C12.8 C93%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1011.7 hPa--2:42:15
Oise Muirancourt-14.7 C13.9 C95%3 kmh SWSW20.0 mm1011.3 hPa--2:40:23
Pas-de-Calais Achiet-le-Grand-14.4 C13.4 C94%0 kmh WSWWSW50.0 mm1010.7 hPaSteady2:42:16
Pas-de-Calais Biache-Saint-Vaast Offline
Pas-de-Calais Croisette-15.0 C14.7 C98%3 kmh SS100.0 mm1010.3 hPaSteady2:40:01
Pas-de-Calais Saint-Michel-sur-Ternoise-14.8 C13.7 C93%2 kmh SWSW60.0 mm1010.2 hPaRising Slowly2:38:45
Pyrnes-Atlantiques Orthez-12.6 C9.6 C82%2 kmh SSESSE4-25374.7 mm1019.1 hPa--2:42:02
Pyrnes-Orientales Latour-de-Carol-11.8 C5.7 C66%1 kmh EE40.0 mm1020.5 hPa--2:42:03
Rhne Fleurie Offline
Sarthe Le Lude-15.7 C12.0 C76%0 kmh 0.0 mm1013.0 hPa--2:25:15
Savoie La Chambre-15.7 C13.7 C88%4 kmh ESEESE63.0 mm1015.0 hPa--2:42:03
Savoie Les Dserts-10.2 C9.1 C93%0 kmh ENEENE33.3 mm1018.2 hPa--2:42:05
Seine-et-Marne Lagny-sur-Marne-14.1 C12.9 C93%3 kmh SSWSSW60.0 mm1011.8 hPaSteady2:42:22
Somme Fort-Mahon-Plage-16.4 C13.7 C84%30 kmh NN390.0 mm1009.1 hPaRising Slowly2:42:18
Somme Villers-Bretonneux-14.4 C13.3 C93%5 kmh SS100.0 mm1011.1 hPa--2:40:23
Tarn-et-Garonne Lafranaise Offline
Tarn Carmaux Offline
Tarn Lagarrigue-14.3 C13.3 C93%0 kmh WW20.0 mm1018.2 hPaRising Slowly2:42:03
Var Callas-17.2 C17.0 C99%0 kmh WW19.6 mm1014.1 hPa--2:42:05
Var Ollioules-17.6 C16.1 C91%2 kmh WW61.8 mm1014.6 hPaSteady2:40:06
Var Roquebrune-sur-Argens-20.0 C17.2 C84%2 kmh WNWWNW132.7 mm1007.8 hPa--2:40:08
Vaucluse Orange Offline
Vende Aizenay-14.1 C0.0 C0%0 kmh WW0.0 mm1015.3 hPaRising Slowly2:40:45
Vende Fontenay-le-ComtePartly CloudyPartly Cloudy14.3 C-30.5 C3%0 kmh WSWWSW00.0 mm1016.3 hPaSteady2:42:21
Yonne Villecien-12.1 C11.9 C99%0 kmh SWSW0.0 mm1006.3 hPa--2:42:04
Yvelines Saint-Rmy-l'Honor-13.1 C11.1 C88%4 kmh SSESSE70.0 mm1008.0 hPa--2:42:04

Member stations of the French Weather Network

Member stations of the French Weather Network

This station is proud to be a member of the French Weather Network.

Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Map data from Affiliated Regional Networks . Original scripts from Saratoga-Weather.org . Adapted for the Leuven-Template.  (version 3.22)

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