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 Air Temperature   Water Temperature   Wind Direction @ Speed   Wind Gust Speed   Barometer   Barometer Trend   Wave Height   Visibillity 

49.5°F 55.6°F Wind from NN@16.1 mph - 30.11inHg +0.03inHg 1ft 2mi

51.3°F 55.8°F Wind from NENE@21.9 mph - 30.11inHg -0.00inHg 4ft 31mi

-°F - Wind from NWNW@9.2 mph - 30.00inHg +0.05inHg - 13mi

48.6°F - Wind from NWNW@9.2 mph - 30.09inHg +0.04inHg 3ft 13mi

47.7°F - Wind from WW@9.2 mph - 30.09inHg +0.03inHg 2ft 13mi

45.7°F - Wind from NN@13.9 mph - 29.95inHg +0.05inHg 6ft 31mi

51.4°F 53.8°F Wind from NNENNE@17.2 mph - 30.14inHg -0.00inHg 9ft -

47.3°F - Wind from NNENNE@10.3 mph - 30.00inHg +0.06inHg - -

43.3°F - Wind from NWNW@6.9 mph - 30.03inHg - 12ft -

47.7°F 49.6°F Wind from SSWSSW@20.8 mph - 29.99inHg -0.07inHg 12ft -

Sandettie Lightship at 9:00 pm: Air:. 49.5°F, Water: 55.6°F, Wind: N@16.1mph, Baro: 30.11inHg (+0.03), Waves:  1ft No recent reports. Channel Lightship at 9:00 pm: Air:. 51.3°F, Water: 55.8°F, Wind: NE@21.9mph, Baro: 30.11inHg (-0.00), Waves:  4ft Anasuria AWS at 9:00 pm: Wind: NW@9.2mph, Baro: 30.00inHg (+0.05), No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. North Sea at 9:00 pm: Air:. 48.6°F, Wind: NW@9.2mph, Baro: 30.09inHg (+0.04), Waves:  3ft Clipper AWS at 9:00 pm: Air:. 47.7°F, Wind: W@9.2mph, Baro: 30.09inHg (+0.03), Waves:  2ft Beryl A AWS at 9:00 pm: Air:. 45.7°F, Wind: N@13.9mph, Baro: 29.95inHg (+0.05), Waves:  6ft No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. Sevenstones  at 9:00 pm: Air:. 51.4°F, Water: 53.8°F, Wind: NNE@17.2mph, Baro: 30.14inHg (-0.00), Waves:  9ft North Sea at 9:00 pm: Air:. 47.3°F, Wind: NNE@10.3mph, Baro: 30.00inHg (+0.06), No recent reports. K7 Buoy at 9:00 pm: Air:. 43.3°F, Wind: NW@6.9mph, Baro: 30.03inHg, Waves:  12ft No recent reports. No recent reports. No recent reports. K5 Buoy at 9:00 pm: Air:. 47.7°F, Water: 49.6°F, Wind: SSW@20.8mph, Baro: 29.99inHg (-0.07), Waves:  12ft

ID Name Time EST Air °F Water °F Wind mph Baro inHg Trend inHg Waves ft Visibillity mi
62304 Sandettie Lightship 9:00 pm 49.5 55.6 N Wind from N 16.1 30.11 +0.03 1 2
62305Greenwich LightshipNo recent reports.
62103 Channel Lightship 9:00 pm 51.3 55.8 NE Wind from NE 21.9 30.11 -0.00 4 31
62164 Anasuria AWS 9:00 pm - - NW Wind from NW 9.2 30.00 +0.05 - 13
62166ThamesNo recent reports.
62147Galaxy 111No recent reports.
63105Brent "B" AWSNo recent reports.
62142North SeaNo recent reports.
62145 North Sea 9:00 pm 48.6 - NW Wind from NW 9.2 30.09 +0.04 3 13
62144 Clipper AWS 9:00 pm 47.7 - W Wind from W 9.2 30.09 +0.03 2 13
63110 Beryl A AWS 9:00 pm 45.7 - N Wind from N 13.9 29.95 +0.05 6 31
63113Brent "A" AWSNo recent reports.
63104North SeaNo recent reports.
63112North SeaNo recent reports.
63117North SeaNo recent reports.
62091M2-20 NM E LambayNo recent reports.
62094M5-SENo recent reports.
62092M3-SW Mizen HeadNo recent reports.
62090M1-W Aran IsldNo recent reports.
62093M4-Donegal BayNo recent reports.
62303Pembroke BuoyNo recent reports.
62107 Sevenstones 9:00 pm 51.4 53.8 NNE Wind from NNE 17.2 30.14 -0.00 9 -
62114 North Sea 9:00 pm 47.3 - NNE Wind from NNE 10.3 30.00 +0.06 - -
62301Aberporth BuoyNo recent reports.
64046 K7 Buoy 9:00 pm 43.3 - NW Wind from NW 6.9 30.03 - 12 -
62125Station 62125No recent reports.
62081K2 BuoyNo recent reports.
62105K4 BuoyNo recent reports.
64045 K5 Buoy 9:00 pm 47.7 49.6 SSW Wind from SSW 20.8 29.99 -0.07 12 -

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